I am [primarily] a UK landscape photographer living in the Merseyside area. Photography has been a passion of mine for longer than I care to remember … and probably a lot longer than I will freely admit to.

A close shave for the landscape photographer

Safe to say, when I bought my first camera from a local jumble sale, aged 8 [approx], I knew then that this would be a long term relationship. Needless to say that later in life, when I first began to print my own RAC Rally shots in black & white, here was another side to photography that had me absolutely spell-bound.

With the onset of high quality digital cameras and the right computer software, my appetite was fulfilled. it was then I realised that my hobby was destined to become much more.

Trying to pigeon-hole myself into a specific area of speciality is a little difficult as I like to shoot a variety of different photographic subjects and genres [as my gallery will probably show]. However, I do consider myself a landscape photographer first and foremost. Being out in nature working with the elements available is a huge part of the challenge for me. Seldomly do the elements come together in the way you might wish, but being a landscape photographer, there’s always a shot to be had if you just apply yourself.

My photographs are a reflection of me – in that they are what they are… and as such, I hope you like them. Thanks for taking the time to view my site, I hope you enjoy looking at my work. Photographic prints are available for purchase too, if you don’t see a size or format you would like, please feel free to contact me for a bespoke quote.

All the very best and thanks for your time.


[Main image: ‘The Pre-Wedding Shave’ – courtesy of Mark Tierney at Tierney Photography]


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