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60 thoughts on “Guestbook

  1. Julie McIntosh says:

    Thank you Paul for a fantastic print ‘Nine on the Forth‘. The quality of the print is excellent, with great service to go with it. It will make a fantastic Christmas present for my son, Daniel, and will take pride of place above his fireplace. Thank you again 🙂

    • Paul Sutton says:

      Thank you very much Julie, it was my pleasure. I don’t think I mentioned it but it’s actually one of my favourite shots too, so Daniel obviously has impeccable taste. I’m sure it’ll look brilliant over the fire.

      Merry Christmas when it arrives 🙂

    • postscriptphoto says:

      Cheers Bill, glad to hear you like it too.

      Thanks for that and say hello to your lovely wife for me too.


  2. Andy Yu says:

    I always have enjoyed your work Paul, it is a source of inspiration and your new website really puts your talent in full frame.

    Hopefully we get around to that one-on-one one day 🙂



    • postscriptphoto says:

      Cheers Andy for popping across to see the new site. Glad you like it and yes, maybe we’ll eventually meet up, possibly even before Halley’s Comet makes another appearance 😉

    • postscriptphoto says:

      Cheers Tom, that is much appreciated matey. Thanks for your time and all the best for the forthcoming festivities too.

  3. Mark Francome says:

    Hi Paul, just to let you know that the pictures look great on the wall here in Switzerland and give the view out of the window a run for it’s money.

    • postscriptphoto says:

      That’s really great to here Mark, though I can imagine that your vista is somewhere I would love to capture myself … maybe in the future? 😉


  4. Claire Carter says:

    Just been reading your article at Photo Travel Review and skipped to your site – great work that shows a real passion. Claire Carter

  5. Aidan says:

    Hiya Paul, Skipped in from your pf on ephotozine. Stunning work Paul,you can feel your passion for your photography. I really like the friendly feel to your site,easy to move around and easy on the eye,with images to strive for, Best of luck in the future, Aidan, (user name,Ridgeway)

  6. Harsharn Gill says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for the one on one tutorial, not only was it a great day out, it’s made a marked improvement on how I look at things, my approach to taking better photographs and given me quite alot to think about before our next tutorial. I can see now why your photographs are as good as they are. Many Thanks. Harsharn

    • postscriptphoto says:

      Thank you Harsharn, it really was a fab day out and great to meet you. I am truly glad that you found it informative and helpful, I will be keeping an eye on your work from now on.

      Take care,

  7. Chris Orgill says:

    Stunning images,they have given me the push i needed to take up my photography again after a 2 year break.

  8. Dave Gray says:

    Thanks for the “Light Dusting” print Paul,absolutely chuffed to bits.It will be the central feature in the new extension.Fantastic quality and superb service.

  9. Steve Blundell says:

    Wonderful Gallery and nicely laid out site. I was looking for a favourite of mine I saw on ephotozine called “Tay Trees & Mountain Tops” which is stunning.

  10. Phil Newman says:

    I was checking out websites, dropped on this by accident and I was well impressed. I was obviously well aware of your work but the site is really well set out. I had a good half hours enjoyment opening up shot after shot. See you both in the Peak again one of these days. Regards Phil

  11. Barbara says:

    Having purchased a large canvas print from you I can enjoy the seascape of Cornwall day by day . I can also feel the earth beneath my feet as I am transported to the cliff edge to see the mine and sea. Keep taking the photos to inspire others.

    • postscriptphoto says:

      I can still remember the day I took that shot like it was yesterday Barbara. I can only say that I am very pleased you like the canvas and hope it looks great on your wall.

      Thank you,

  12. Bo Gray says:

    Congrats…I just saw your terrific steam locomotive images in the December Photography Monthly (takes a bit longer for the issues to get over here across the Pond!) You have some beautiful photos on this site…keep up the great work.

  13. Jill Browne says:

    Met you today at Malham you gave me advice about takin water photos. Love your photographs and I am so thrilled you have some of Rannoch Moor I love that place. Jill

  14. Nick Cockman says:

    Hi Paul, just been doing some research for my website and stumbled upon yours, very impressive – lots of pictures i’ve not seen before, you’ve got some great work on here!

  15. Wayne Molyneux says:

    Hi Paul I found your site through another Togs link. Like Gil I’ve visited some of these locations, especially in The Peak District. I love the rich colours you have managed to record congratulations on some fine images. Wayne

  16. Gil says:

    After speaking to you this morning I’ve just taken a look at your site and am most impressed by it all. I’ve been to many of the locations and never knew they could look so beautiful.

  17. Anthony says:

    Wow, what wonderful images, and so well presented too. Really impressed Paul, nice work. Keep well and happy, see you again soon. Anthony.

  18. Darren Kynoch says:

    Your work is truly inspirational Paul. When I first joined EPZ, and I looked at your p/f. my first thoughts were (hey this guy is bloody good) keep up this stunning work Paul. You are getting recognised mate. Dazza.

  19. Jim Graham says:

    Fantastic collection of high quality work Paul. Your monochrome images in particular are a real inspiration. Hope to meet up at the Northern Ireland weekend and maybe some of the creativity will rub off on me! Jim

  20. Roy Pritchard says:

    You know what I think of your work and the site is of the same standard. Glad to see you are keeping it up to date.

  21. Martin Roe says:

    Led here by your photographs of lichfield Cathedral on e-photozine. Great looking site, terrific photography.Very inspiring!

  22. Susie says:

    Hi Paul – congratulations on your great new website and best wishes for many more fabulous photographic opportunities during 2007 … Susie :o)

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