Between Rock [Music] and a Hard Place

At 4.30 am this morning [as other Social Media followers will attest], I was berating the weather forecasters whilst waiting for sunrise above Malham in the Yorkshire Dales. The weather reports, if anything, said it might be a little too clear for what I ideally wanted. So I was trying hard to see the irony in this as I was shielding my camera from the rain and strong wind.

Looking at the shot metadata, from setting up … taking the first test shot [for composition and focus etc.] … to the first usable shot with some light – was just over an hour and forty minutes of solid cloud and gloom … oh, and rain [twice]. The life of the landscaper is not for everyone, but with a flask of hot coffee and some fine rock music in my headphones … it wasn’t all bad.

When I woke this morning – at a more respectable 2 am this time, I made my mind up to head to Lings above Malham. It was my intention to head to the Lake District, but the strong winds would have ruined the plans and shots I had envisaged. They will have to wait for another time.

I have visited this little spot on a few occasions now, and ironically it has always been too clear or too cloudy for my liking, so I had the dogged determination to wait for my luck to change … after all, I was already up and out.

Eventually the cloud gave way to some lovely low light, which when it hit’s the tops of the Limestone Pavement makes it ‘pop’. The morning wasn’t wasted after all … ending up with a quick pop through to the obligatory Scaleber Force waterfall above Settle and the morning was complete … time for breakfast.

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