Up Early Oop North

“Bloomin’eck” – it’s been a while since I last got up at 1.30am, but needs must I suppose. The life of the Landscape Photographer is not for everyone, and I’m currently doubting my resolve whilst rubbing my eyes … but I’m up now, so what the heck!!! Destination, the Yorkshire Dales.

Quick itinerary check:

  • Camera and set of charged batteries … check!!
  • Suite of lenses all cleaned … check!!
  • Array of clean filters and holders … check!!
  • Walking boots and outdoor clothing … check!!
  • Car fueled and ready to go … check!!
  • Sat nav primed with destination … check!!
  • Car keys and house keys … check!!
  • Kettle on for extra strong brew of coffee … double check!!!!!!!!!!!!

Right, off we go.

90 minutes later I was parking up and putting on my boots in the dark, ready to make the 30 minute climb to my vantage point of choice. All the time scouting the sky to see if this was going to work out or not.

On my previous visit to this spot – almost 2 years ago to the day – the clouds didn’t materialise. On this particular occasion, the clouds rolling in from the west may actually scupper my sunrise plans … fingers crossed. ‘Jeez’ … it’s nearly summer so how come it’s so cold?

Sunrise was a bit of a damp squib as the clouds hung around longer that I would have liked, but when the sun came through, not only was it a welcome hike in the temperature but it kept around for the rest of my morning.

At time drifting clouds obscured it, but then it came out again. The available clouds added some interest in the sky too, making nice drifting patterns on long exposures.


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