Quality photography by Paul Sutton

A Tree of Two Halves


A tree sporting some patchy foliage, standing amidst a sea of golden wheat. Brooding clouds overhead spell a wet spell on its way.


I came across this tree a year or so back in the murk and cold of winter. So I made a mental note to return when there was a crop in the field that it sits in. Circumstances this week meant I had to travel past it and I was pleasantly surprised to see that it had some lovely golden grain below, and now it had leaves on I could see that the top and the base of the tree had foliage but the upper-middle was bereft … this added more intrigue for me and another level of charm to the scene.

So on my way past this evening, I waited around for the clouds to part and shine some fine light on the landscape. The break was only brief, but long enough for me to get what I came for.


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